Friday, July 24, 2009

Zombies - who's hot? Part one of a five part series

#1 Favorite Zombie Flick Ever! How this movie can be equally hilarious and gutty is just brilliant. I love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. I love their fiercly loyal friendship, they are completely comfortable being dorks together. When they are staggering around trying to sing White Lines? Golden! For me this movie has everything (I almost feel like I'm getting too much of what I like in a Zombie how will any other ever satisfy me after it?). Clever Back story, check. Excellent Characters, check. Creative Zombie Killing, Check. Just the right amount of gore in the all the right places, check. Honestly Funny Humor, wry wit, snarky sarcasm, check check check. And the End? Check.
and.... "you've got a bit of red on you" CHECK!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Guilty, Guilty, Guilty or a list of movies I should have liked but didn't

The Butcher's Wife - OMG. I actually spent money at the movies for this load 'o crap and so did my best friend. It is the bad movie against which we both compare all other bad movies. And in this case when I say bad I really mean bad. Usually when I say bad and I'm talking about movies I might mean actually good. You'll see what I mean. Unfortunately, in this list I really do mean least for me.
Blazing Saddles
Wizard of Oz (too scary when I was little...although as an adult the flying monkeys are the best part of the whole thing and they are always what I imagine when I say "when monkeys fly out my butt", yep I'm thinking of the flying monkeys from WOO.
Gone with the Wind (for Christ's sake, don't tell my mother)
Poseidon Adventure (the one with Shelly Winters and wasn't there a more recent one too? Didn't see it but I'll bet ya I might not like it.)
Any of the Airplane Movies - I just don't have that kind of sense of humor...
The disaster movies...of the Towering Inferno Ilk. They just stress me out too damn much.
Monty Python Movies (and that's weird because I LOVE Terry Gilliam)
Laurel and Hardy Movies (again....please don't tell my mother)
....gulp....this is a true sin, I know it....Charlie Chaplin movies
I totally despise any of the Jurassic Park Movies - and I don't know why....I loved the Land of the Lost on TV when I was a kid...totally had a crush on Will...hmmmm.
The Fly, not the one with Vincent Price, the one with Jeff Goldblum
Any of the King Kong Movies....I know, I know, I'm sorry just not for me.
Rocky Movies (no need for me to feel guilty about that right?) Boxing makes me feel sick...go figure - I love martial arts and martial arts movies.
Movies with a dog or an animal that is abused....this includes Old Yeller, uh huh.
War movies post WWII. Disclaimer Alert. I have seen some that I did like (and that is really the wrong word). So Not All War movies post WWII but some and probably mainly the ones that feature a lot of torture...I hate that....Except for the Movie Three Kings...I loved that movie and there was quite a load of icky torture...I closed my eyes.
House of 1000 Corpses....EWWWW. I had quite the visceral reaction to that one and I stupidly watched the whole damn thing.
The Original Hills Have Eyes...see House of 1000 Corpses reaction.
And Last But Not Least....nearly all musicals but most certainly OKLAHOMA! Errrrgh. And you can tell my mother I said so.

I am sure there are more...I will add to the list as they come to me. I am NOT saying these are bad movies although some of them may be. I like what I like just as everyone else does. It's what makes the world go 'round and I like that TOO! What movies do you secretly hate or maybe not even secretly...come on, I won't tell a soul....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Movies - the good, the bad and the ugly

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligary - THE first art-house horror flick.

1920 Silent Film

Don't even know now how I got turned on to this movie. Could have been from a history of film student that I used to work with. Doesn't matter, the point is, I found it and I love it. The whole thing is amazing to me - my favorite though hands down, the sets. See Wikipedia's overview of the film for more information. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Better yet, see this film. If you like something a little odd...Dr. Caligary is for you!

Fabulous double feature? The remake which was filmed in 1962 Starring Glynnis Johns, Dan O'Hurlihy.

In searching more info I found that there was another released in 2005...